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Bond Cleaning

Moving out of a house is often stressful with all the cleanings that have to be done. You have to restore the condition of the house back to how it was, which asks a lot of worktime. Braham Cleaning service is helping thousands of our clients to bond money back and make the home shifting smoother.

How does our Bond cleaning program work?

The transition on moving out from your old house to a new one often comes with a lot of hassles. Pair that with the cleaning that you have to do at the end of your leaase! At Braham clean, we are always happy to help you fulfil this tiresome task. Our well trained and experienced cleaners always ensure that your old home is cleaned above the agency standards. We provide a thorough detail-clean throughout your house and ensure your agency checklist will all be updated. All this comes with a bond back guarantee. We offer a reclean of your property in the next 72 hours if landlord is not happy.

  • Bathrooms
    Vacuum and moping of floors, remove cobwebs, clean shower glass and frame, Wipe and disinfect toilet, clean bathroom walls, windows, window sills and bathroom sinks, wipe all counters, skating boards and door frames, Clean mirrors, dust and wipe air vents, clean bathtub.
  • Bedrooms
    Vacuum and mopping, remove cobwebs, remove marks from walls, clean windows and window sills from inside, clean cupboards and wardrobes, wipe skirting board, switches and remove scuff marks.
  • Kitchen
    Countertops cleaned, clean inside and outside of all cupboards, inside and outside of oven and dishwasher, wipe kitchen bench, clean and shine sink and taps, remove wall marks, wipe skirting boards, windows and window sills from inside, clean mirrors and doorframes, vacuum and moping.
  • All other areas
    Clean inside and outside of all cupboards, cobwebs removed, remove wall marks, wipe skirting boards and switch boards, windows and window sills from inside, vacuum and moping.
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